(our food)


100% All Natural Beef:

Our beef is fresh, never frozen. All burgers are cooked medium and juicy, our secret way. All cattle are raised humanely and fed a 100% vegetarian diet and never given any form of antibiotics or growth hormones. ​

100% All Natural Chicken Breast:

Our chicken breasts are fresh, never frozen, with no tenders, rib meat or fillers used. All chickens are processed without antibiotics or hormones and fed a 100% vegetarian, grain based diet. Our chicken breasts are buttermilk washed, dredged in our secret high protein flour mix and flash fried in a healthy and nutritious blend of oil.

100% All Natural Dairy:
Our buttermilk (for fried chicken), ice cream and milk are sourced from Calder’s Dairy Farm in Carleton, Michigan. Calder’s uses milk only from their own dairy cows and all of their dairy cows are fed a high quality, home grown forage and grain diet without any bovine growth hormones (BGH) and with lots of tender loving care added. Calder's ice cream is 15-35% higher in butterfat than most other brands. That’s why it tastes better.

Harvest Protein Buns™

Our secret Sweet Protein Buns™ utilize the natural goodness of whole grain wheat and barley flours that are enhanced with focused protein and fiber to develop a richer taste and superior nutritional profile.  The artisan buns are leavened ever so slowly by yeast, not by chemicals. This creates a savory richness only nature can produce. Not only are our Sweet Protein™ buns are baked fresh daily in a custom steam injected convex oven for that luscious “just out of the oven" taste but they’re nutritionally superior.


All Natural Cheese:
Our cheese is made by Andrew & Everett and is made from meticulously fresh milk, free of hormones and antibiotics. No animal by-products, fillers, additives or binders are ever used. Milk is sourced from small, family owned dairy farms that produce the freshest milk specifically for cheese-making.

All Natural Toppings:
Our mustard and ketchup are made naturally without preservatives, the same goes for our mayo.  Our veggies are fresh, pesticide free and local when available in-season.

All Natural Oil Blend:​

We use a proprietary blend of red palm fruit and sunflower oils, which are abundant in antioxidant rich Carotenes that impart their distinct golden color into foods, along with a form of Vitamin E called Tototrienols. In addition these oils are rich in Omega-6 fatty acids, namely Linoleic and Oleic acids that maximize nutrition and flavor in the foods they are cooked in. Linoleic acid is an essential Omega-6 fatty acid that participates in proper blood clotting, regulation of blood pressure, cellular health and metabolism. The body uses the Omega-6 fatty acid to produce arachidonic acid, which becomes incorporated inside cell membranes. Omega-6 is considered “essential”, meaning the body requires it but does not produce it so it must be derived from diet alone. Cooking in our proprietary blend of oils results in crisply cooked nutritionally enriched food and makes our fried chicken sandwich and fries exceptionally delicious.

All Natural Berkshire Bacon:​
Our superior bacon comes from Eden Farms  acorn fed, 100% Berkshire heirloom pork.  Eden Farms is owned by 30 Midwest farm families committed to practicing humane, ecological and sustainable farming practices. Pigs are raised in open, unconfined spaces, fed a 100% vegetarian diet and are never given antibiotics or hormones for growth. 

Better Sodas:
We offer hand crafted, Michigan made soda pop from Northwoods Soda Company, located in Northern Michigan. Our pop contains natural cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup and comes in a variety of delicious flavors!