(our food)


100% All Natural Beef:

​Our beef is 100% all natural beef from farmers across the midwest. All burgers are cooked medium and juicy, All cattle are raised humanely  and never given any form of antibiotics or growth hormones.

100% All Natural Chicken Breast:

Our chicken breasts have no tendens, rib meat or fillers used. All chickens are processed without antibiotics or hormones. Our fried chicken breasts are buttermilk washed, dredged in our secret high protein flour mix and flash fried.


Our trade secret buns are high in protein and fiber yet low in carbs and is gluten free. Baked from scratch daily in our stores. they have a richer taste and superior nutritional profile than anywhere else. You won't find any preservative chemicals. 

Per 75g (our regular bun):

Higher in Protein:     14g

Higher in Fiber:         7g

Lower in Carbs:        5g

Calories:                 218



Eggs, butter, baking powder, psyllium, whey protein isolate, Plantain flour, potato starch, tapioca starch, sea salt.


100% All Natural Dairy:
Our ice cream and milk are sourced from Calder’s Dairy Farm in Carleton, Michigan. Calder’s uses milk only from their own dairy cows and all of their dairy cows are fed a high quality, home grown forage and grain diet without any bovine growth hormones (BGH). 

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All Natural Cheese:
Cheese is always made from fresh milk, free of hormones and antibiotics.

All Natural Toppings:
All made naturally without preservatives.

All Natural Beef Bacon:​
Beef bacon is naturally cured without nitrates.

Better Sodas:
No high fructose corn syrup, EVER.

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