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(moo cluck moo)


It started over a conversation between friends who share a passion for food. Better food. Food that you crave. Food that makes you say "this is the best I've ever had". . .


We couldn’t find an affordable place to take our kids and grandkids that didn’t have hormones, preservatives and other chemicals in the food. Not to also mention high carbs and calories. So we created (moo cluck moo). We do not serve alcohol, and pay a livable wage so folks can support their families with hard work. We hope you think this is a good idea.


We love burgers, we love chicken sandwiches, we love fries and we love shakes, so we decided to create a place for people who love these things as much as we do. And we wanted to make it memorable. In a world saturated with fast food choices, our solution is better food fast. . . nothing comes close.

Why are we different? Better food, better ingredients, better process, all crafted by our carefully selected team of culinarians, sources and suppliers led by an internationally renowned chef known for better food. We enjoy producing meticulously crafted food for you because we want you to say, "this is the best I ever had". . .



(moo cluck moo)

Eat. Better.